Tompkins Cortland Community College is here for you! Below you will find links to anything and everything you may need to get through your quarantine time.

Dear Student:

TC3 cares about you and our community. As you know, you have been instructed to quarantine by the Health Department. This means you should remain where you reside with no unauthorized exceptions. If you have concerns or questions, we are here to help. You are expected to comply with your quarantine and remain in your residence. This will be essential to protecting your health and that of your peers and our community.

Students who violate the terms of their quarantine will be held accountable and may face consequences up to and including suspension. Stay home, monitor your health for any symptoms, and reach out to the QuaranTEAM or any staff member by phone or email as needed.

We grow stronger together.


Greg McCalley, Vice President for Student Services

Are you feeling sick?

Do you need access to a doctor?

If you have a fever, cough, or any other symptoms that are not explained by existing conditions, please use our telehealth service today!

United Concierge Medicine: 844-484-7362

The Panther Pantry

Order forms are available from Res Life, or download the form here.

Orders must be received no later than 9 am on the morning you want your groceries. Quarantined Residents: Groceries will be delivered with your daily meals from the cafeteria. Email your downloaded forms to Ashley Dickson.

Email: afd004@tompkinscortland.edu

RESIDENTS: Meals from the Cafeteria

Email Stephanie Baker with any dietary needs. Check out the menu here!

Quarantined Residents: Meals are delivered daily between 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

Email: sbaker@afvusa.com

Over the Counter Medication

Common pain relief and allergy medication is available to you, and will be delivered as soon as possible by a Quaranteam Staff Member.

If you require OTC medication, notify the Health Center at 607-844-8222 ext 4487 or the Residence Life Office at 607-844-6589.

Email: healthcenter@tompkinscortland.edu

Hygiene Needs

If you need shampoo, toothpaste, etc while you are in quarantine, contact us and the items you need will be brought to you. Requests made after 9 pm will be addressed the next morning.

Email: ari001@tompkinscortland.edu

Mental Health

You can reach out to our campus counselors at any time. If you are having a serious crisis, call 911. You can find more resources here.

Email: omhs@tompkinscortland.edu


Prescriptions are filled by Kinney in Dryden and will be delivered to you with your next meal delivery. You will be contacted by the Health Center when it arrives. Medication must be given directly to you.

Email: healthcenter@tompkinscortland.edu

Laundry Rooms

Laundry Rooms are available to you, following the rules of 1 person in a laundry room at a time. You are responsible for cleaning machines after each use.

Trash Removal

You may remove your own trash but must do the following: Double bag all trash bags, Use gloves, and Wear your Mask 100% of the time you are outside of your room.

Students in isolation who have tested positive should not take the trash outside. Please bag your trash and place in the hallway for collection.


If you have any questions about the policies surrounding quarantine, contact the Res Life office (until 4 pm) or the RA on Duty (after 4 pm)

A full description of COVID-19 policies can be found here.

Res Life: 607-844-6589         RA on Duty: 607-280-0640

Email: ajb044@tompkinscortland.edu


A full list of contacts is available here.


Students with questions or a simple desire to see other faces can reach members of the QuaranTEAM on Microsoft Teams. More details coming soon.

Email: afd004@tompkinscortland.edu

NEW: Yoga!

Campus Favorite Tammi Young has helpfully provided a link to her Yoga Youtube!

Free Puzzles and Games

Click here for a list of free web-based games.

There are tons of places online to find entertainment, but if you need assistance or access to something, let us know!

Student Life Events

Most if not all events will be taking place online this semester! You can still be a part of Student Life from your dorm.

Visit the Events Page here!

Conduct Policies

All expectations for Student Conduct remain regardless of quarantine status.

For Student Conduct information, read the policies here.

Tutoring Services

Available online on a drop-in basis here!

Contact Scott Bennett

Email: smb066@tompkinscortland.edu

Phone: 607-844-8222 ext 4416


The Library has a dedicated site for StressLess, with excellent tools to lessen your stress

Stress Less Here!

There are also tons of books and movies just for fun through our library!

Browse Books, Ask a Librarian!

We Grow Stronger, Together.